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Dangerous Levels Ahead

Protect your brain from the video gaming-gambling connection

Boy playing game on his computer

Gambling is a game you don’t want to play

Gambling is when you risk something of value (like money, in-game currency, skins, jewelry, sneakers, etc.) trying to win something better in a game of skill or chance, where the outcome of the game is uncertain.

44% of Delaware eighth graders have gambled at least once in the past year.

First-person players

Underage gambling can mess with your brain and make you more vulnerable to developing a serious problem over time. Avoid playing gambling games within video games, purchasing loot boxes when you don’t know what’s in them or making side bets on the outcome of video game battles.

Did you know these activities can lead to gambling? Click each to see why.

Don’t go it alone. If you are having problems with gaming or gambling issues, please talk to a trusted adult (e.g. parent, School Nurse or School Wellness Coordinator) about ways to get help.